Our Services

We provide Institutional Investors a cohesive unit with a proven track record in each of our respective disciplines. Our comprehensive process leverages expertise in every specialty to effectively analyze and efficiently acquire multifamily communities.
Our acquisition program targets well-located, value-add opportunities that can be repositioned through rehabilitation and proactive management. The ability to critically underwrite potential investment opportunities is one of our core competencies. Our co-investment structure ensures that we have an alignment of interests with Institutional Partners in all of our acquisitions. DRI offers Institutional Investors an opportunity to leverage the experience, established business relationships, and knowledge base of a local operator’s team.
Construction Management
Dragone Construction focuses exclusively on assets owned by DRI and only multifamily properties.

DRI has taken the full construction process and brought it completely in-house. Dragone Construction focuses exclusively on assets owned by DRI and only multifamily properties. Dragone Construction has the infrastructure and offers a full complement of interior and exterior renovation services. Some of the interior renovation services include: repairing, replacing, or updating kitchens and bathrooms (cabinetry, countertops, appliances, plumbing fixtures and parts, floors, tile, bathtubs and tub surrounds) electrical fixtures & wiring, lighting, flooring, carpet installation, painting, window finishes, and HVAC systems. Exterior renovations include: building structural and finish components, exterior painting, siding, masonry, balconies/patios, roofs, windows, landscaping, concrete, and paving. The staff includes master electricians/plumbers and HVAC certified technicians.Dragone Construction has aligned themselves with manufactures, suppliers, and master tradesmen in order to provide competitive pricing, superior products, and unmatched workmanship at a quicker pace than other competitors.
Property Management
Westcorp Property Management continues to maximize the value of properties by providing an honest, ethical, and professional atmosphere for employees, customers, and owners through advanced employee training, providing superior resident service, and increasing profitability to its owners.